What will you get by buying our e-book?

Our book has over 700 pages and the bonuses you get with the book are worth more than the price of the book itself, you could even resell those same bonuses and take the money this book cost you. Let’s take a look at some of the bonuses you’ll get:

This is just one page from the book that shows the bonuses, now we will estimate the prices of all these bonuses:

GSA Website Contact List – 20,000,000+ URLS

This guy sells a 370,000 URLS list for $20.

2,000,000 URLS list for $50

30,000,000 URLS list for $499

We can safely say that a list of 20 million links is worth over $250. In addition, you get permission to resell and can use them for your own needs.

Canva Editable Infographics – 5,700+

Here you can find all the Canva Infographics you will get. Here’s what they basically look like:

The 5,700 templates you get are divided into various categories:

And how much are a few hundred such infographics sold for?

You will receive from me 10s of different types of infographics that you can sell, so let’s say all those types together are worth $150.

If only you were to resell those GSA Website Contact lists and Canva Templates you would already make all the money back. In this book, we’ll even show you how and where to sell them.

Here is the table of contents of our book, although it will not give you the true value of this book:

We have nothing to hide from you, unlike 99% of other sellers who are just looking to take your money. Some of the methods we explain in this book are sold to you by gurus for similar and higher prices.

Surely this post could explain to you a little bit about why we feel so strongly about our book. We believe we have created some very solid guides on our blog, so you can check out what we are sharing for free.

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