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We’ve created a book that shows you exactly how to do it, from A to Z everything you need, we’ll even show you how we created our own book and how we managed to get you to visit our site.


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What makes ours different from the rest?

As proof, 4 months ago I started 2 new projects while writing this book, and as of the day I write this (3rd November 2023) these two projects have scaled to $4,000 and $20,000 per month and have made a total of about $75,000 in profit. Everything I used for these two projects, one of which is a SaaS and the other a digital product, is in this book, from advertising to scaling, strategies, and so on, of course, that’s not all this book has.

Unlike other courses and books that solely provide a fundamental understanding, leaving you to independently explore and develop further, our book offers comprehensive guidance from beginning to end. We cover all aspects, including methods and strategies to start your first business and how to successfully advertise and promote it.

We don’t leave you stranded and we don’t promise you wealth in a few months like other books and courses, if you really want to succeed you need to have the desire for it. Just reselling the bonus digital products we give you when you buy the book would make your money back, so you don’t even have a cent to lose, keep reading to find out more.

Benefits you get by buying our book:


By purchasing this book, you receive gifts that have a value greater than the price of this book, so you have nothing to lose by purchasing this book, since you have permission to resell all of these gifts.

Over 700+ Pages

The book encompasses more than 700 pages, featuring over 50 different methods/strategies, from advertising to sales, with no fluff thrown in.

Future Updates

Whenever we update the book, you will receive an email; we will always be writing new methods and strategies, and fixing the old ones when they no longer work.

Future Freebies

Every month we send gift emails to our customers, these emails sometimes contain scripts/programs that are worth hundreds of dollars.

Premium Articles

Each month we will be writing a few high quality articles on the website that will only be available to purchasers of our book; these are articles that are too valuable for us to let everyone read.


When you require guidance or assistance, we are always accessible to provide you with our input and suggestions.

Some of the skills you will learn


Amazon FBA

Selling E-Books

Affiliate Marketing

These are just a few of the many skills and methods you will learn in this book. If you would like to read more about the methods, skills, and bonuses you will receive by purchasing this book, click on the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know a lot of internet skills, is this still for me?

Yes, because all the methods shown in the book have a tutorial on how to do them completely.

Do I need to invest more money after I buy the book?

It depends, for some methods yes, for some no. But in general if you invest money you have much bigger options and you will make money much faster.

What do I need to get started?

Just a computer or laptop, everything else is irrelevant, you will learn the knowledge by reading our book.

I live in a 3rd world country, is that a problem?

No, most of our methods work around the world, and the ones that don’t, there’s a very easy way to make them work in the book.

How fast will I get my money back?

It depends on how much you focus and which method you start working, all methods have their good and bad sides, but basically you could see your first money after the first month.

Do you want to watch life pass you by, or are you ready to make a change?